Good Jeans!

The Denim Wall!

 Drop Off Or Ship Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans For Repair!

My Denim Duds Are Ready For A Makeover!

One Last Look Before They’re Cut!

Marcia (Expert Tailor) Is All About The Deets!

Marcia Workin’ Her Magic On The Sewing Machine!

Meet Francine! Owner & Founder Of Denim Therapy—Genius!

Cool Custom Orders Ready For Pickup!

Almost Done! Stay Tuned This Week For The Final Cut!

LOCATION: Denim Therapy, NYC
Jeans: Habitual, Tee: Prairie NY, Neon Concert Bra: Aerie, Boots: Frye,
Bangles: Gerard Yosca, Necklace: Spring Street, Sunnies: Ray Ban

From tailoring to dying to reconstructing, you name it, they do it! This one-stop denim shop will now forever be in my emergency contacts!! I decided to have a pair of old bell-bottoms brought back to life in a cool pair of booty shorts for summer! For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to toss this particular pair of jeans, so when I heard that Denim Therapy could customize them into something more practical (cut-off’s!), I decided to give it a shot! I also opted to have them personalized to say “NYCPretty” in hot pink letters—obvi!! Stay tuned to see how they came out later this week!!! So exciting!! 


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2 comments on “Good Jeans!

  1. Really good to know about this place! Great post today!

    • Hi PJJJJJJJJ!!!!! How are you???!!!! When do we get to see you again!!! xoxoxo

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