Take a Hike!

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Hoodie: Athleta, Bra: Lululemon, Urban Gym Capris: Moving Comfort, Sneakers: Kalso Earth Shoes, Backpack: Thule

Hey, Sporties! It’s time for a little outdoor adventure in my backyard (AKA Central Park)! The weather is perfect, so pack a backpack and get outside for a day of walking, hiking and maybe even some yoga in the sunshine! I like to alternate my activities and workouts, especially this time of year when I can take a break from the gym, and put away the technology for a breath of fresh air and fitness. Remember, you don’t always have to have a hardcore sweat-sesh to see results. Taking a day off to rest your muscles, or swapping out speedy sprints for long walks is a great way to let your body recover and perform better in the long run!

Stay strong!


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  2. Vicki at 9:22 am Reply

    I love the vibrant colors Gi…. And what a perfect location to show them off !!! xoxo

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