NYFW Flashback

nyfwErin Fetherston

fashion week nycErin Fetherston

nyfw fashionErin Fetherston

black and white fashion nyfwErin Fetherston

betsey johnsonBetsey Johnson

betsey johnson nyfwBetsey Johnson

Charlotte RonsonCharlotte Ronson

charlotte ronsonCharlotte Ronson

Nicole miller nyfwNicole Miller

reem acraReem Acra

beauty nyfwBackstage- Trina Turk

Trina Turk Trina Turk

trina turk Trina Turk
NYFW Photos By: Samantha Eisenberg

NYFW was a bit of a blur for me. I was only able to attend a handful of shows the first few hectic days, then I left mid-week to join a crew of editors and bloggers on the west coast for the Swatch Women’s Pro Surf Competition. We watched amazing pro surfers do their thang in the water, then interviewed a few of my faves too (video soon)! And, we made sure to paddle-out for a sesh (or two) in the gorgeous blue ocean. It was an opportunity I just couldn‘t turn down, so I had a guest photographer attend some of the shows in New York for me! Win, win!

As you can see, the fashion forecast for Spring 2015 looks bright, flirty and fun. Right up my alley with a mix some sporty laid back looks (like the ones above from Trina Turk and Charlotte Ronson), along with girly accents like sheer fabrics, lace, ruffles and poppy florals too! Can’t wait to fast-forward through winter right to April 1st when we can rock some of these fun frocks again!

For now, enjoy this warm weekend. It’s going to be in the 80’s on the east coast! Woot!
I’m alllll for an endless summer— bring on the bikinis!


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