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nycpretty aveeno beauty blogger christine bibbo herrnycpretty aveeno beauty blogger christine bibbo herrnycpretty aveeno beauty blogger christine bibbo herr

Flashbacks from Bali! Everyday was sunshine and smiles on my two week adventure, but the sun was super strong, so I’m glad I packed my stash of SPF, ranging from 30+ protection factor and up. I’m a big fan of Aveeno sun products because of their light, non-greasy formulas that still keep my skin super hydrated while protected. And, I also always try keep cover under a hat and sunnies to shield my face as much as possible, which seems to always be a bit more sensitive to the rays. The mix of the two always keep me safe even in the strongest sun.

On my amazing adventures we experienced hardcore yoga classes, afternoon bike rides, and early morning mountain hikes. All filled with lots of fun, sun, and sweat, so I needed protection that could hold up to the tropical heat and haze. I’m happy to say, I didn’t burn once on my journey and I now have a healthy golden glow to bring back to NYC with me. The nourishing ingredients that moisturize and protect, also keep me from peeling now that I’m back to cooler east coast spring temps, which is key.

Hoping things heat up in NYC real soon so that I can get back in my bikini and hit the waves.


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