Fresh Start

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I’m all about getting in a hard core sweat-sesh but that means my laundry bag fills up FAST and I need a detergent that’s just as hard working as I am. And, with the synthetic fabrics that most of my gear is made of, it’s harder to get out sweat, stains and dirt caused by bacteria without using heavy fragrances to mask the odors. HEX Performance is an eco-friendly detergent made from bio-degradable ingredients and packaging that’s changing what it means to be clean without using fillers, or heavy fragrances. After a few washes with HEX, my clothes actually looked better, and felt softer because it’s made with a non-allergenic molecule that helps to prevent future stink and stains, and enhances fabrics. And after a few washes it actually helps to clean out clogged fabrics from other detergents, which actually creates all the stink in the first place! So keep up with those kick-butt workouts and don’t sweat the laundry pile.

Checkout the simple steps here!

This post is sponsored by HEX Performance. The opinions are all mine.

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