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No matter how busy life gets, I always make sure that I can fit time in my day to stay active. For me, fitness is something that keeps me grounded mentally and physically, especially after a jam-packed workday. My day to day is never the same, so my workout routine is always changing, whether it’s a bike ride, a long run in Central Park, or just me and my jump rope while I’m traveling; I always make sure to get my heart rate up, even if I have to get creative. And, I always try to add strength training moves to the mix so that I can protect my muscles and balance out all the cardio I love to do. Small 3lb or 5lb arm weights are great to keep on hand at home in an easy to-reach spot so that when I have a few minutes, morning or night, I can make time to tone-up!

Since everyday brings something new I make sure to keep my bag packed with all the essentials, if I’m running from the gym to meetings or to a shoot I need to be prepared. The Clarins’ Body Fit is a product that you can always find in my bag. I packed it with me on my cruise this week to the Bahamas so I could keep up with my toning techniques— even on a boat!

I apply it after my post-workout shower to rehydrate, firm and smooth my skin. It makes me feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes next on my to-do list. Not to mention it helps reduce that stubborn cellulite that sometimes seems impossible to get rid of on those hard to work areas like thighs and waist area!

For me, Clarins’ Body Fit has become a step in my fitness routine that I never knew I needed. It is the cherry on top of a killer sweat-sesh that ensures I am giving my skin the attention it deserves and a one-two punch against cellulite.

If you’re looking for that extra oomph, adding in Clarins’ Body Fit to your post-workout regimen can be just what your skincare routine needs. Let me know what you all think if you try it!

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      THX! stay tuned for more fit inspo and workouts soon!

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