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I recently was introduced to Beautycounter, a company focused on producing safe beauty products that look and feel amazing on my skin. After doing quite a bit of research, I decided to join the Beautycounter team to be a voice for change and better beauty. In the oversaturated market of beauty and skincare, it can feel so overwhelming with the number of choices out there. Beautycounter makes it easy as they break down the list of “never” ingredients that are absent in all of their products. You can find it here. Not only are these products safe, they are also super effective which isn’t always the case when you start to explore a more natural skincare routine. Ever since I started using this brand I am becoming more and more aware of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that are in products we use on our skin almost everyday. I am slowly starting to cleaning out my beauty closet to move towards a more natural skincare routine for a new season. I’m not throwing everything out, but as I start to buy new products, I’m becoming more aware of what’s going on my skin and into my body. Below I’ve rounded up my top two fave makeup products that I always use before running out the door. Check them out and shop below!

nycpretty beautycounter safer beauty products nycpretty beauty counter

Powder Blush Duo: One of my favorite way to brighten up my complexion when I’m on a time crunch is with a few swipes of blush on my cheeks. It’s a great way to liven up my look without having to add much more when I’m running around town and don’t want to deal with lots of makeup.This blush duo from Beauty Counter is perfect because I can use the more subtle mauve shade for day and the hot pink for night. I also love to mixing the two for a more muted pinkish tint. They blend flawlessly and help to give my skin a healthy glow.

Lip Gloss: Whether I am fresh-faced running out for a yoga class or headed to dinner with my girls, I always grab this gloss. The moisturizing formula keeps my lips hydrated and the poppy pink color lasts all night long. You can also swipe this hue over a red lip to add a little hint of shimmer and shine.

Hope you’ll take a peek at the wide range of goodies this good-for-you brand has to offer and think twice about adding a more natural approach to your beauty routine this year. 

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