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Good to Great Beauty Routine

It’s that time of year when holiday festivities are in full swing! But having a party-packed calendar with lots of holiday dinners and cocktail invites can take a toll on our skin and interfere with precious beauty sleep! So, this time of year I especially look for new ways to improve my existing beauty regime with powerful and effective ways to help my products work overtime to keep up with my demanding schedule!

That’s where the new Philips VisaPure Advanced cleansing device comes in! I was asked to test out the new product this past month to take my skincare routine from good to great! And so far, so good! I’m seeing some really positive effects! It’s a three-in-one treatment (deep pore cleansing, precision cleanse and revitalizing massage), so my favorite products are able to be applied to my skin and absorbed much more effectively, in turn, giving me a healthy glowing complexion—even at the most hectic time of the year.

I’m very picky about what goes on my skin, especially my face and neck. When I find a new precious product, I want to make the most of it and use to the best of its ability. So I really went to work with all three of the attachments using my favorite cleanser.

The first step is using the deep pore cleansing attachment with super-thin bristles that remove all dirt and grime from my forehead and cheeks. This helps exfoliate to brighten and revitalize the skin on my cheeks and T-zone. Then, it’s much easier for my creams and serums to absorb and do their job! Philips VisaPure Advanced will alert you when to move to each section, and then move to the next attachment.

The second step is the precision cleanser with soft bristles specially designed for the nose and chin area where pores are harder to reach and need a deeper clean. Both steps take just two minutes!

My favorite part is the revitalizing massage attachment that helps to invigorate and get the blood flowing for a great glow. After all that prep work it helps my makeup go on much smoother too with an even foundation. And, the attachments are super easy to clean after each use with warm water and soap.

So now I have NO excuse not to look my best to celebrate for the holidays and ring in the New Year!

For more deets or to try out Philips VisaPure Advanced, check out

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