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Island Active Workout! Surf’s Up!

More from my active adventures at the Fit & Fly Girl retreat in Costa Rica last month! I got my fill of fun in the sun, and plenty of outdoor cardio. (Checkout a fun workout below!) And with the new Island Active collection from Tommy Bahama I was able to stay sporty and stylin’ all day long in the surf. How adorbs is this one-piece surf suit?! It’s super comfy and stretchy, making it easy to move in, plus it has UPF 50 UV protection! A WIN, WIN! It made paddling out and fighting the waves so much more pleasant without having to worry about losing my bikini top!

sunnies beach island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama summersurf beach island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama summercosta rica island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama

We braved the heat most of the day dipping in the ocean to cool off and catch some waves. Some girls took surf lessons and others practiced moves on the sand before taking the plunge. If you’ve never tried surfing before, it’s a great idea to do a little workout either in your home or on the sand to get your body familiar with some of the core work and stability needed. Checkout some cool steps below from my girl Hannah, (@BodybyHannah) that mimics some moves you would do during a surf-sesh. I’ll be sharing a fun video that we put together too for a visual demo, but for now, here’s something to try at home to get your muscles moving.(Below)


wet hair island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama surferbeach island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama summer

Hannah’s surf-inspired workout that you can do anywhere! Complete this full circuit for 2-3 rounds with a 20 second rest between exercises.

  1. Hot Sand: Start on the right side and perform 4 high knees starting with the right leg, then lateral bound to the right and perform 4 high knees starting with the left leg before laterally bounding back to the left. Complete for 45 seconds.
  2. Paddle Out: Lying flat on your stomach, perform a Superman by engaging the core and lifting both the chest and lower body away from the ground with extended arms. Swing arms around the body and tuck them at your side to repeat. 25 reps
  3. Pop Up: Pop up as quickly as you can but rotate the lower body into low squatting facing the right. Repeat for 5 on each side. 
  4. Ride The Wave: Sumo Squat and then shift your weight into the right side while straightening out the left leg, stay low and shift the weight into the right. Flow side to side for 20 total or 10 on each side 
  5. Hang Ten: Balance on the right leg with the left toe behind you barely resting on the ground, hinge from the hips until your chest is parallel to the ground and then return to start. 10 reps on each leg
  6. Duck Dive: Lie flat on your stomach with palms next to your chest. Press up in an upward facing dog (keep abs engaged) and lower back down. Repeat for 10 reps.

surfer girl island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama costa ricaocean island active surfboard nycpretty tommy bahama summer

Hope this post keeps your blood flowing and bod in shape for summer. It’s not far away! Comment below and let us know how you liked the workout! And stay tuned for the short video workout from the sand, coming soon!


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