Strong Stripes! HIIT workout you can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

I’m back in NYC and trying to stick to my fit routine now that I’m not in Costa Rica with my rockstar fitness crew. It’s not as easy to motivate and enjoy a sweat-sesh without the sunshine and ocean as a backdrop. Outdoor workouts in warm temps are sooo much more my speed, but that’s no excuse to stop the progress just because it’s freezing in the city, right? Sooooo my girl, Hannah (@bodybyhannah) but together a little apartment workout for me to take home until we can sweat in person together again! (Below) It’s a quick 20-30 min HIIT workout that you can do anytime, anywhere—without any equipment! And, it’s appropriate for ALL LEVELS!! Our cute matching ASICS gear doesn’t hurt either!

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But before I share the sweat-sesh, I need to talk about these amazing seamless leggings and sports bras! They were so super soft against my skin, so it made working up a sweat in the heat hassle-free. I didn’t have to worry about chafing or seams irritating me during my workouts in the salty air and sandy conditions. And, the fabric feels like a second skin ’cause it stretches and moves with every jump, lunge and kick—without a hitch. It’s one less thing to get in the way of motivating to workout. I even wore my leggings on the plane because it’s always so hard to find something that I can sit in for hours without fidgeting. And these totally passed the comfy test! fit asics strong stripes fitness partner workouts runner nycprettyleap asics strong stripes fitness partner workouts runner nycpretty

Now, let’s get down to business!

  1. Set a timer for a 3 minute warm up. You can jog or do a dynamic warm up like the one found in her Operation Strong E-book.
  2. Move through each round (below) performing each exercise in order for 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. 
  3. Complete Round One 2-3x before moving on to Round Two for 2-3x. (The entire workout is just 30 minutes if you go through each round 3x!)
  4. Important 👉 Stretch when you’re done! 

strong asics stripes fitness partner workouts runner nycprettystretch asics strong stripes fitness partner workouts runner nycpretty

Round 1

  • Side/Side lateral butt kicks
  • Push-up with Contralateral Crunch
  • Bound Forward Hop Back 
  • Side to side plank with knee drive

Round 2

  • Runners Jump Lunge
  • Fast Feet / Sprawl 
  • Lateral Bound to Front Lunge
  • Suicide planks 

See the full video of all exercises in order HERE!


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