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NYCPretty Spotlight!

Welcome to the #NYCPrettySpotlight! I’m starting a fun new feature once a month, spotlighting an NYC girl! I’ll share a few fab facts about them, spreading the love and growing our community! So, put the word out and tell your #girlgang that we want to spotlight YOU!
Send us a message on insta or comment below to be featured! Girls supporting girls! Let’s do this!
I’m super psyched to kick things off with my friend and fellow beauty blogger, Katya, @stylesprinter. Her awesome blog is colorful and informative where she shares what’s hot, and what’s not, in beauty and beyond! Katya is a go-getter (just like me) and we hit it off, instantly! See why below!
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Here’s 5 fun facts about Katya! And make sure to check out her insta @stylesprinter and beauty blog, I might be making a cameo there soon for a beauty tutorial!
  1. Last year, I tested 365 masks for face, body, and hair as a part of my #365maskschallenge. I’ve never feel more pampered in my life!
  2. Back in teenage years, I was very much into breakdancing. No, I can’t recreate any moves now but I stay active and love #fitness ever since.
  3. The event that completely changed my trajectory of life was #endometriosis surgery. After that traumatic experience I learned to enjoy life more and spend more time on #wellness.
  4. My first job in NYC was a journalist (then, managing editor) for the Russian-American newspaper. Ten years later, I think in English and mentally translate from English to Russian when I speak to my family.
  5. I have a MAJOR red lipstick collection and wear one every single day. In my book, there is nothing better for refreshing the look than a nice action. And yes, all of the 50 shades of red in my collection look different to me.

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