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Aera Holiday Delights

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays around town! And I want my home to look and smell just as festive! So, I’ve been loving my Aera For Home Smart Diffuser. Every time I walk into the house I’m greeted with the inviting smell that reminds me of Christmas!

With their new Holiday Delights Collection I have so many amazing options to choose from depending on my mood. Snowfall smells like fresh pine trees and reminds me of crisp winter days. Sugar and Spice fills the room with scents of baked apple pie and warm cozy vibes. And Hot Toddy has a clean citrusy scent with notes of vanilla that has a relaxing Sunday morning feel.

Aera For Home is perfect for holiday hosting and is safe for kids and pets too! It makes a great gift and the holiday delights capsule collection makes it even more fab! And for all my health/wellness peeps, the aromatherapy bundle makes an amaze wellness gift to kick-off the new year! (USE code NYCPRETTY20 for 20% OFF diffusers!!!!)

Aera For Home is super easy to use and I love the simple, sleek white design that looks perfect in any room of my house. All of the holiday scents make me nostalgic; I love the smell of Christmas and it reminds me of being a kid and anxiously waiting to peek under the tree to see what Santa had left! I love to use it in the living room to remind me of those cozy Christmas mornings or in my bedroom on a chilly winters day to brighten the mood.

Another great feature is the adjustable settings (1-10), so I can control just the right amount of scent that’s perfect for me. Each fragrance capsule can last for 60 days, which is longer than any other diffuser I’ve ever had, or heard of for that matter! It makes my life SO MUCH easier not having to worry about switching out capsules all the time!

I know I’ve said this before, but the coolest part for me is that I can control the scenting from my iPhone anytime, anywhere with the Aera For Home app! So cool right? Now there’s no excuse to not have the best smelling home at all times. 

 Aera For Home makes my space smell much sweeter and has me feeling festive and ready for the holidays and entertaining. And it makes the perfect gift for friends or family! Now I know what to get for MOM….SHHH!

Let us know what you think of the Holiday Collection too! Don’t forget you can use CODE NYCPRETTY20 for a 20% discount off diffusers! Happy holidays!

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