Tail Wind

Central Park runrunWarby PArker sunniesstretch NYConeill run nycmarathon nyc run nycrunjumpnew balance run NYCLOCATION: Conservatory Gardens, NYC
Sports Bra & Leggings: ℅ Oneill, Sunnies: ℅ Warby Parker, Limited Edition NYC Sneakers: ℅ New Balance 

Strut your stuff and sweat in style, Lovelies! This awesome active-wear from Oneill is  made for crunching calories, both on land, and in the water! This poppy sports bra and slick surf leggings are light enough to rock for a Central Park run, but they also hold up in serious waves. So until temps are warm enough for me to paddle out again, I’ll be sweatin’ it out on the pavement! Oh, and can we discuss these Limited Edition NYC Marathon kicks!?! Every time I glance down at my toes, the NYC skyline is smiling right back at me! Keep running, Sporties! 


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  1. Vicki at 9:08 pm Reply

    You’re as fit as a fiddle Gi !!! And I love your colorful work-out wear!

  2. wildeinthekitchen at 8:37 am Reply

    These workout clothes are so adorable! Though on my run yesterday I had to wear a hat and gloves, it’s getting cold!

    <3 Vicki

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