My self-care game is going strong- starting with oral hygiene!

You guys probably remember when I got my new Philips Sonicare Subscription Starter Kit a few months ago, right? Well, I was super psyched and it was for good reason! It’s been a complete game changer as far as keeping my oral healthcare in check (especially during COVID).

And the best part? I get a new brush head delivered to my doorstep every three months with Philips Sonicare Subscription, so it’s actually helped me to form better hygiene habits too! And that’s so important, especially NOW!


Aera’s New Beach House Scent!

I don’t know about you, but my mood is definitely affected by my surroundings so when I started using my new Aera For Home Smart Diffuser last year it made my beach house even more refreshing! If that’s even possible!

And now this summer Aera has the beachiest scent of them all! It’s ACTUALLY called “BEACH HOUSE” and it smells just as fresh as it sounds! Like an ocean breeze and bright sunshine! It’s like a summer escape everyday in my home!

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Age is Just a Number!

Age is Just a Number! They say you’re only as old as you feel! And most days I’m like the energizer bunny and could play all day (if I had the time)!

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