5 Reasons to Add Dance To Your Cardio Routine

It's workout Wednesday! Time to share some more kick-butt fitness classes from the Propel blogger Co:Labs fitness festival in LA last month. Todays' theme is all about moving and shaking to burn calories with two awesome dance classes! They're much different calorie crunchers than

the sweat-sesh we featured last week, but they're just as effective and soooo much fun! The Vixen Workout & The NW Method are amaze, each unique and action-packed in their own way for an amazing workout! Checkout why it's so important to mix in dance to your cardio routine!


Birthday Escape to Blue Waters!

Last month I spent my bday getaway at the beautiful Blue Waters Resort & Spa for the perfect paradise escape! And it’s SUPER easy to get to from NYC! Read on for the AMAZE pics and my full review!

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Swim to Sweat Gear!

It’s about that time for outdoor workouts, water sports and lots of beach and pool play! Make a splash!

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Skin That Shines!

I’m ALWAYS on the hunt to find products that help combat fine lines and wrinkles and counteract the damage from all the sun-lovin’ activities that I do.

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