Fresh & Fruity Skincare!

Is it just me or has skincare gone fruity? This summer fruits are not just in our smoothies, but also in tons of beauty products too!



Summer Sweat Sesh!

Things got heated up FAST with a high-energy #SummerSweatSesh on the rooftop at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn last week!

I joined forces with the BODYARMOR gang and Well + Good for a heart-pumping cardio-sculpt class led by Charlee Atkins, creator of Le Sweat.


Ban Bug Bites & Save your Skin!

Colorful outdoor adventures are my thang!!! Especially in the summer. But, I gotta protect my skin from both the sun AND pesky mosquitos! Those are the WORST!!!! Whether I'm at the beach or out for a nature walk, I'm covered thx to AVON’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard Collection!

I've been using their products both day and night to avoid itchy, potentially harmful bug bites! From dawn 'til dusk, I'm usually outdoors on some sort of fun adventure during the summer months. So, I've teamed up with AVON to put some of their bug repellent and sunscreen products to the test!

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Reset, Retreat & Recharge!

Be a happier and healthier person, both for you and the people around you! STOP and take some time to take care of YOU! Read on for some simple #selfcare steps!

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