Sunshine-y Days! In Greece!

I’m back from Greece and ready to share all the sun and fun with ya! But first, how cool are these shades!?! And we have a discount code for you guys! Read on!


Knock-OUT! 5 Reasons to try boxing!

I'm back at it with my sweat squad from the Propel blogger Co:Labs fitness festival in LA last month! We had the chance to try soooo new many workouts that weekend, so I thought I'd break them up, per sweat-sesh, to share a few cool pics and tips from each with you!

This one was obvi a boxing class, Prevail Boxing that is! And that's me and one of my fave Prevail coaches, Lolo Thomas! I've only tried this class once before, and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had, all while experiencing one of the sweatiest workouts I've ever done! So I was super pumped to be back in the ring with these guys!

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Fall Fashion Handbag Trends! On Fox 29 News!

We’ve got you covered for what’s hot in handbags this fall with a pop of personality — under $100!

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