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Say Spaaaa!

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LOCATION: The Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont
Sweatshirt: c/o Hardtail Forever, Leggings: Athleta
Headband: Sparkly Soul

This Workout Wednesday I wanted to share my experience from my visit to the Spa & Wellness Center  at Stowe Mountain Lodge last week. After two days of engaging my quad and core muscles on the slopes, it was time to balance-out my travel fitness routine with a little yoga and a much-needed Target Massage. After some light stretching, I spent time perfecting my headstand (one of my 2014 goals, along with walking on my hands and learning a few more fancy yoga poses)! I found that it’s all about using upper body strength (shoulders, arms and core) to stay steady, rather than putting pressure on my head and neck.

If you’re trying these moves at home, be very careful not to hurt your back and neck with quick sudden movements or flipping too fast into position. You can practice by leaning up against a wall on a soft mat or rug and slowly going through the motions to check your strength and balance. Remember to clasp your hands above your head to stay steady, engage your core and use your shoulder and upper arms to stabilize. Stay focused and stay strong! And get ready for more advanced poses soon!

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  1. Janet at 9:37 am Reply

    I love that Hardtail top curious what size you have on, I’d be ordering online, yours seems to fit perfectly….always love your blogs & posts…do another one with your mom, I loved the AT one you did Fall of last year….so so cute! Thanks….

  2. Vicki at 9:21 am Reply

    Wow…. Awesome Gi! It looks like you mastered the headstand very quickly!!!

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