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Smooth & Strong

Venusbeach runbeach workoutbeach cruiserbike workoutvenus razorvenus razorlegsLOCATION: Asbury Park, NJ
Jacket: Lululemon, Long Sleeve Tee: Athleta, NYCpretty Shorts: ZweetSport, Sneakers: c/o NewBalance, Bike: Brielle Cyclery,
Razor: Venus Embrace Sensitive and
Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

Hey all you sassy Sporties! It’s spring, and that means it’s time to show a little leg! Some of my favorite exercises to toughen and tone my gams are biking, running and yoga on the beach. And, with temperatures rising, my shorts simply become shorter!! I used to have to hide my razor burn at those moments right when I wanted to show some skin—whether I was headed on long run in Central Park or gearing up for a surf-sesh at the beach. I’ve now realized that to keep my legs looking smooth and sexy (and irritation-free!), the right razor is key.

Apparently, there are many girls like me that think their “sensitive skin” is getting in the way of a close shave, when in fact – you might be just be using the wrong razor! After shaving, I always seemed to have dry, itchy skin—not pretty! That’s why I’ve been test driving the new Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor, and it seems to be the perfect match for me. With 5 blades and a touch of aloe, the razor adjusts to my body’s natural curves providing a close shave helping me get smooth-to-the-touch legs in just one session. Now, showing some leg is no sweat! After working with Venus, I learned that my irritated skin wasn’t really as sensitive as I thought; I was just using the wrong razor. So do your homework ladies, summer is near.

Bare it all and GET FIT!!!

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