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Fitness Gear : c/o C9 Champion at Target
Video by Curt Goodwin

What up, Sporties?! Today I want to share a kick-ass mini vid that I shot with expert fitness trainer and brand ambassador for Target’s C9 fitness apparel line, Adam Rosante. We got our sweat-on during his relentless bootcamp in NYC this past month on the rooftop at Clay Healthclub. We did a mix of body-weight moves, cardio and lots of heart-pumping steps to get a compact, yet effective workout for the entire body! I’ve been trying to incorporate lots of his fit-tips and toning tricks into some of my own personal workouts, and the results have been amaze! Some of my faves are the classic moves, but with a twist like; deep lunges with swift punches, power push ups while alternating arms, advanced jumping-jacks and high-knee jumprope, double-time. My muscles are getting stronger while still getting that rush that I love from a high-energy cardio class.  This is def. NOT the last of our little sweat-seshes together! I’ll be back for more, VERY SOON!

Stay fit & fabulous!

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  1. susan at 9:25 am Reply

    You two are very inspirational! xo (plus you look great!!)

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