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Hair Conditioning

Nycpretty Christine Bibbo Herr Pantene

Dry heat, scorching sun and 106 degree temps are NOT ideal conditions for hair— or skin for that matter. So, when I recently took a trip to Palm Springs for a destination wedding, I had to pack wisely and bring products that would combat the extreme climate and moisturize my locks. After all, who wants a bad hair day for their best friend’s wedding?

The morning of the big day I wet my hair and worked the conditioner in from root to tip, making a mask to keep damage to a minimum while we soaked in some last minute rays by the pool. It TOTALLY worked! I showered up and styled my ‘do without a flyaway or frizz to be found. I think I found my new secret weapon against this salty, sunny & surf-filled summer. Here’s to healthy, shiny, hydrated hair!!!

 Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Condtioner

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