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Protein on the Go!

Snacking is one of my fave ways to keep moving and on-the-go throughout my action-packed days—especially during the summer months. Whether it’s post workout or between meetings and meals, I tend to need quick pick-me-ups all day long. So, when belVita asked me to try out their new belVita Protein Biscuits with 10 grams of protein, I was sooo on board!

belvita healthy snacks biking breakfast bars happy nycpretty

snacks belvita healthy biking breakfast bars happy nycpretty

To put them to the test, I packed up one of the Blueberry Almond bars in my bag for a day of biking and shopping this past weekend at the beach. Sure enough, right around noon (after breakfast and before lunch) I started to hear my belly growling! So, I unwrapped a tasty baked bar and started snacking away. They were just what I needed to keep me satisfied while bopping around town until it was time for my late lunch date. It saved me from having to stop mid-day in my tracks from hunger. And, they’re the perfect size to easily slip in my bag so I always have a healthy option when I’m looking for something to hold me over ‘til my next meal. I sometimes even like them for a mid-night snack when I’m up working late and start to crave something crunchy and sweet. I know I’m getting a protein punch too, so it’s a win-win! Then I can go to bed satisfied, and not feeling guilty for snacking after dinner.

jump smile belvita healthy run breakfast bars happy nycprettysmiles belvita healthy snacks biking breakfast bars happy nycprettybreakfast belvita healthy snacks kitchen bars nycpretty

So, if you’re a snacker like me, and are looking for a delish new treat, give ‘em a try and tell us what you think. Happy snacking!

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