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Infinity Yoga Mats!

I recently got the chance to work with a cool new company called Infinity Yoga Mats. They make a super unique yoga mat that’s slightly bigger than a normal mat and shaped like an hourglass. Their philosophy is that mats should be designed with people in mind, and people are not shaped like rectangles (obvi!) Read on for my review!

rockstar pose yoga nycpretty infinity mats

high lunge yoga pose stretch nycpretty infinity matspigeon pose yoga nycpretty infinity matspigeon pose yoga nycpretty infinity matsfish pose yoga nycpretty infinity matssavasana pose yoga nycpretty infinity matswipeable yoga mat nycpretty infinity mats

I got a chance to test these out early and tried some of my fave poses that can sometimes take up a little extra space. Sure enough, I had plenty of room to stretch out and loved how it was super grippy, comfy, and of course, pretty colors/patterns are always a plus. Oh, and the fact that they’re reversible and machine washable makes them a total game changer! They’re especially nice for all you taller peeps that tend to hang off your mats during Savasana and stretchy flows. I give ’em two thumbs up! If you want try them out, you can get yours here! Enjoy!

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  1. Janet at 10:16 am Reply

    Are these mats supposed to be ordered in mass quantities or can you order individually? I scanned thru and didn’t see individual price of the mat? Maybe I’m blind 🙂

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