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Out and about, that’s exactly where I love to be! And studies show that people who spend more time outdoors, are more productive, creative and happier! So this past week I got to experience the first ever outdoor coworking space in NYC! L.L.Bean teamed up with Industrious, the leading coworking provider, to launch an initiative to bring more outdoor time into the workday with the introduction of “Be an Outsider at Work.

There were team building activities, collaborative conference areas, and my fave by far, cycling desks—all outside in Madison Square Park! Genious, right?

The weather was perfect and everyone was super excited to be working in the sunlight rather than an office, so productivity was sky high!

After New York City, the activation will travel to Boston, July 10-12, Philadelphia, July 17-19, and Madison, WI July 24- 26. For those that can’t make it to one of L.L.Bean’s outdoor coworking spaces, there plenty of simple ways to incorporate the outdoors into your workday, such as:

•Host a Blue Sky Brainstorm: Boost creativity by taking a brainstorm into an outdoor space

•Share Al Fresco Feedback: Try sharing feedback with colleagues in the fresh air. It’s a naturally de-stressing environment, and walking together in a single direction helps keep the conversation future-focused.

•Take a Refresh Session: Get outside even just for a break or over lunch. Research shows taking a 5-15 minute walk can rejuvenate you for the tasks ahead and refocus your day.

•Optimize Outside for Work Create a dedicated outdoor workspace or a toolkit complete with wifi, anti-glare screens, and shade at home or with your employer

•Outerviews: Put the view back in interview by hosting them outside. It will reduce participant anxiety, feel like more neutral territory and encourage open dialogue in the open air.

Get Outside!

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