#BodyResetRetreat with Fit & Fly Girl Retreats!

Hey guys!

I’m currently traveling with Fit & Fly Girl Retreats in Morocco! Follow all the fun on insta until we are back in NYC!
In the meantime, below is a recap of our last travel adventure with them! Be back soon! 

As you probably saw all week long on Insta, I traveled to the tropics with Fit & Fly Girl Retreats to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This fit-fun adventure brought an amazing group of women together, allowing us to bond and travel in a healthy, balanced way. Our group (about 16 girls) stayed in the beautiful Don Vito Villa where we were pampered with delish and nutrish meals prepared by chef Chef Fabien Mandrea and menus curated with the help of our rockstar trainer, Hannah Davis, AKA, Body By Hannah.

Each day we started with a foam roll and stretch session, which I found super helpful for my tight hips and muscles, followed by a morning workout. Whether it was a beach sweat-sesh using our body weight and cardio, or more of a weight training circuit, Hannah kept us moving and motivated to make the most of our physical abilities. Then we fueled up with a power-packed breakfast and got ready for our daily adventures.


My fave activity by far was surf day! I was so happy to paddle out and get back in the water after a long harsh NYC winter. There were also other super-fun optional excursions during the week, including a catamaran cruise, SUP’ing, a day of zip-lining and horseback riding!


Half way through our trip we journey’d to one of the largest labyrinths in the world, La Senda  (made up of hundreds of cactuses). There, we joined a guided meditation after following the path to the center of the labyrinth so we could reflect peacefully. After a magical sunset experience, we had a delicious dinner on the property prepared with fresh organic vegetables grown on their land.

Each night before dinner we were able to wind down and relax our bodies with a group yoga session, sometimes restorative, and some nights more strenuous. Either way it amp’d up our appetite for more amazing food and bonding time at the dinner table with the girls.

This was such as amazing experience combining all of my favorite things; adventure, yoga, nutrition, wellness, pampering, laughter and lots of love! Fit & Fly Girl retreats provided just what I needed to blast out the winter blues and recharge to have a refreshed outlook on life. And thanks to Hannah, I feel stronger, healthier and more energized than ever. I’m so lucky to have met and bonded with such a great group of powerful, driven, inspiring, caring women.



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