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Summer Scents w/ Aera for Home

As you guys know, the beach house in the summertime is my happy place! It’s the perf getaway from NYC living with bright colorful rooms, playful decor, surfboards galore, lots of light and salty summer breezes. 

I’m all about creating a space that’s inviting, clean and smells fresh every day, for me and our guests. My surroundings definitely affect my mood, so when I started using my new Aera For Home Smart Diffuser, my senses started to smile! I have a super sensitive sense of smell, so the slightest bit of damp beachy air can sometimes seem musty to me. But there’s no controlling that at the beach, right? So having a diffuser that’s 100% pure fragrance and safe for the kiddos and pets too, is just what the beach house needed. (USE code NYCPRETTY20 for 20% OFF diffusers!!!!) 

decor aera home diffuser nycpretty blogger beach houseaera home diffuser nycpretty style decor blogger colorful happy beach house

It’s super easy to use and has a simple, clean and sleek white design that compliments my whitewashed wood floors and colorful furniture and accessories. I love using it in my guest bedroom to freshen up the space when we have visitors and also in my living room when you first walk into the house. There’s nothing better than being welcomed with a crisp smelling home. And, having adjustable settings (1-10) allows me to get the perfect scent that’s tailored just right for me. Each fragrance capsule can last for 60 days on an average setting, so I don’t always have to worry about switching them out! All the new summer scents (Himalyan Rose, Citronella and Linen) are amaze, but linen is my fave! The smell of fresh laundry filling the air couldn’t be more pleasant, especially at the beach house! 

home aera diffuser nycpretty style decor blogger colorful happy beach house

And the coolest part? You can control the scenting anytime, anywhere with the AeraforHome app for iPhone and Android! So cool right? Now there’s no excuse to not have the most refreshed surroundings at all times. 

I’m loving it so far and so are our guests! Aera For Home gets two thumbs up from me! I can’t wait to see what scents they have in-store for holiday (launching in Oct/Nov)! Stay tuned for more deets on that soon! 

style aera home diffuser nycpretty decor blogger beach house

Do you guys use diffusers? Don’t forget you can use CODE NYCPRETTY20 for a 20% discount off diffusers! Happy scenting!


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