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I Am A Voter!


Election Day is finally here! Didn’t this feel like the longest countdown EVER?!?

In the past I’ve voted during many elections but this one *BY FAR* is the most important one in our lifetime!

We are so lucky to have a CHOICE and the ability to #ExerciseOurRightToVote so let’s not take it for granted! EVERY VOTE COUNTS so let’s get them out there!

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I voted for UNITY, for HEALING, for CHANGE, for HONESTY, for WOMEN’s rights, for EQUALITY, for DECENCY, for IMMIGRANTS, for DREAMERS, for SCIENCE and trusting our outstanding DOCTORS to tackle COVID-19, for DEMOCRACY and to bring PEACE back to our country. And so much more.

TODAY is the last DAY! #VoteVoteVote like your life depends on it!

And if you need a little extra ZEN during this tense time, @EmilyFletcher founder of Ziva Meditation is sharing ways to stress less on OFF THE GRAM PODCAST this week!

Tune in breathe, and VOTE!

My Terez leggings are created in collaboration with public awareness organization, I am a voter. Net proceeds will be donated to I am a voter.

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