Sun, Sweat & Strength

Don’t let the heat get you sluggish and slacking. I partnered with Fitbit to test out the new Fitbit Alta tracker that keeps me motivated and reminds me to move all day long. You can take your fitness routine anywhere to stay cool and toned, even in the hottest humid temps. And the tracker keeps tabs on my steps, calories and progress to give me an extra boost of encouragement. For me, I actually like a little heat to get my muscles loosened up and ready to move, but if you have better results in cooler conditions try creating some circuits that you can do in the comfort of your own home or workout studios. You don’t have to take an actual workout class to crunch calories. Try doing some target moves that will focus on key areas of your body that you want to strengthen.

Some of my go-to moves are:

Do five sets, taking mini 5 to 10 second breaks if needed.

Jumping-Jack Burpees
20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, rest for 10 to 30 seconds in-between. Repeat five times to get that heart rate up! If this feels easy, try a jumping jack-burpee, where you perform a jumping jack, hop back into your burpee, then perform another jumping jack.

On a park bench, low wall or couch, do 20 tricep dips. Then, place your hands on the surface so you are in an elevated push up position and do 20 push ups.

20 jumping toe taps and 20 high knee hops (land with soft knees to prevent collapsing in your standing leg).

Side plank for 30 seconds on each side. Then, perform a regular plank for 30 seconds. Holding your plank, go down on your forearms, and then up onto your hands 20 times. Take a 10 to 30 second break then right into 20 bicycle crunches. Then lay down, lift your legs up and bend your knees at 90 degrees, stretch your arms out straight by your sides toward your toes, then crunch up and hold, pulsing your arms up and down for a count of 20.

Butt Blast
Lie on your back and put your feet down and push up into a bridge pose, hovering your butt over the ground, tuck in your pelvis, scooping in with your stomach, and pulse slightly for 20 reps

Barre (Booty and Legs)
Fire up leg muscles by heading to a bench or a chair and using it as your barre. Roll up on your toes and pulse in a plié position for 20 seconds, then from a first position stance, lift your leg up to the side for 20 counts, then lift to the back for 20 counts; repeat on the other leg.

Stretch and repeat!

Get Fit!, Girls!!


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