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It’s workout Wednesday and today we are workin’ up a sweat at Physique 57! I had a blast burning calories with my rockstar instructor, Holly! She guided me through a few key moves to help get me bikini-bod-ready, and we even did a mini video to share with you below! Check out all our kick-butt moves and a FREE online WORKOUT class for all my readers! (below)

fitness videogiveawayUpright “V” With Ball
2 Parts: 1A/B Tucks (with an optional high 5 to a friend) and 2A/B pulses with a lat pull down
Reps: 10-20 sets of tucks; 30 – 60 pulses

Set-Up and Execution: Stand next to a sturdy piece of furniture, place the playground ball between your inner thighs closer to your knees and make a small “V” position with your feet- heels glued together and toes 2 inches apart.  Lift your heels 1-2 inches off the floor and bend your knees forward, lowering yourself halfway down. Start to squeeze your glutes (seat muscles) tucking your hips forward and then releasing them back. As you tuck your hips forward you can reach your free arm up and start to toss it forward (or give your friend a high-5!) After 10-20 sets of tucks, return your hips to a neutral position (starting point) and begin little bends of your knees, keeping your tailbone right over your heels and your shoulders back over your hips so you are balanced.  Pull your arm down with the little bends of your knees; lifting your heart rate and creating a great burn in your thighs.

Benefits: Defined, chiseled thigh muscles; whittled down waistline; increased metabolic rate

The Lunge3A/3B -The Lunge
Parallel Lunge with Lat pull-down
Reps: 20 – 30 pulse

Set-Up and Execution: Starting with your feet parallel and all 10 toes facing forward, tuck your toes of one foot and slide your leg back in a lunge position so that your knee is aligned directly underneath your hip.  Both legs should make 90 degree angles. Begin to lower and lift your body by deepening your stance in small, controlled movements, about 1 to 2 inches; your shoulders should stay right on top of your hips and your back knee should be reaching toward the floor.  Reach one (or both) arms up to the ceiling and begin to pull down as you pulse. You should feel a deep burn in your thighs and your heart rate lift.

Benefits: Sculpts your quadriceps, hamstrings and abdominals; increased metabolic rate

workout4A/4B – Wide Second with Shoulder/Chest/Back work
Reps: 10-15 sets

Set-Up and Execution: You will need 5-8 lb. weights.  Holding one weight in each hand, take a wide stance turning your feet out naturally from your hips.  You should be wide enough that you can lower your hips to knee level.  Bend your elbows and bring your arms up to just-below shoulder height with the weights out to the side and slightly in front of your shoulders. You should be able to see your weights in your peripheral vision. Keeping your torso upright, bend your knees and bring your hips down to knee level.  As you lower your hips, keep your knees tracking over your second and third toe and pull your elbows in toward the center line of your body until they are framing your face.  Lift your hips slightly and come back to the starting position with your arms out.  You should feel work in to the tops of your shoulders, your chest, back and thighs.

Benefits: Sculpted shoulders, back, chest and thighs; abdominal stability

video“The Pretzel” (video)
  Works: Seat, Hips and Waist
Reps: 30x each movement; repeat second side

Set-Up and Execution: Start seated with your right leg at a 90 degree angle in front of you and your left leg at a 90 degree angle behind you. Bring your hands straight in line with the shin of your right leg.  Bring your back thigh as far behind you as possible, making sure your back knee is behind your front hip bone so there is no crease in your pants and tilt your knee lower than your foot. Raise the left leg off the floor; lift the leg up 20-30X, press back 20-30X and then combine the two moves by doing one press back and one lift side 20-30x. While moving your leg your abdominals should be pulled in so you are light on your hands and sitting as upright as possible.
Works: Seat, Hips and Waist

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