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Summer is a time to unplug and unwind, and for me, that means lots of outdoor adventures and surf trips to the beach. But being super active means that I need something that will keep me hydrated and recharged. So, I partnered with Walgreens and V8® to test out their new Infused Waters and carbonated V8+Energy Drinks to help get me through my day. They’re super refreshing and they provide a full serving of veggies in one bottle! Can’t beat that for a quick pick-me-up. I’ve been keeping a bottle of the Black Cherry Pomegranate infused water (yum) in my bag and the taste is amazing! With just enough flavor to give a hint more sweetness than plain water, it quenches my thirst after a long day in the salt and sun. It’s the perfect drink to stash in my bag along with some almonds and fresh fruit to keep my energy levels up so that I can stay on track. I always try to stick to healthy habits no matter how hectic my day is, or how hardcore my workouts get. So, these drinks are the perfect way to treat myself to something tasty and smart. What gets you guys feeling revitalized?!

Get the look!

Wetsuit: c/o Cynthia Rowley Sunnies: c/o ViraSun
V8 Infused Waters &  V8 Juice available at Walgreens
This #V8Juice, #VegOut, #V8Water at Walgreens campaign was sponsored by Campbell’s®. All opinions are my own.


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  1. susan at 8:40 am Reply

    I know it’s about the V8…but I love your outfit!!!!! xooo

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