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My self-care game is going strong- starting with oral hygiene!

*This post is sponsored by Philips Sonicare, but all views are my own*

You guys probably remember when I got my new Philips Sonicare Subscription Starter Kit a few months ago, right? Well, I was super psyched and it was for good reason! It’s been a complete game changer as far as keeping my oral healthcare in check (especially during COVID). And the best part? I get a new brush head delivered to my doorstep every three months with Philips Sonicare Subscription, so it’s actually helped me to form better hygiene habits too! And that’s so important, especially NOW. It’s super easy to sign up on – linked – and brush heads start as low as $7.99/three months!

I’m a pretty healthy person to begin with, but Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 has inspired me to introduce even more good-for-you habits into my routine.

I always make sure to use my Philips Sonicare twice a day and sometimes in-between too. I’m kinda obsessed with the “White” mode that helps to remove stains that build up from my daily sips, like coffee (and the occasional glass of wine! 😉)

But, I also make it a point to get outside (when safe and I can be socially distant) to be more active in a time when it’s easy to stay inside and get stuck in a rut.

Going for a sunset run has always been a mood-booster for me, but these days it’s a MUST to keep my blood flowing and help de-stress after a long day. Just by getting outside, it motivates me to move and get creative with new ways to workout and keep my bod as active as possible.

And now that we are cooking SO much more at home, I’m LOVING my weekly trips to the farmers market to gather healthy ingredients and pick out all the colorful veggies that will help boost our immune system! I’ve recently been loving radishes on the grill and I just discovered that you can cook and eat the large leafy green stems too! They make a great side dish—just add olive oil, salt and pepper and it’s delish! And the more colors that you can include in your diet, the better!

Overall, I’m finding that my Philips Sonicare Subscription makes life easier and more convenient. Having new brush heads delivered every three months as well as the peace of mind of knowing that I’m getting #1 dentists-recommend products is such a plus right now. It’s easier than ever to make a positive impact on my smile, and my life! Sign up here.

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