Recharge & Refresh #ScentGoals


Summer has come to an end but I’m going to keep the sunny, salty-air vibes going as long as I can as cooler months kick in. These refreshing summery scents from Herbal Essences take me back to sun-filled surf days and outdoor adventures. Hello Hydration in a soothing sea blue hue makes me think of the open ocean and big barreling waves that I love to tackle every chance I get during the summer season. There’s nothing like feeling the sand in my toes and salt water in my hair from sunrise to sunset. And, the aroma that comes out of this soothing blue bottle every time I lather up revives my mind and body.

Since energy is my middle name, the vibrant orange color of the Body Burst wash channels my passion for playing out in the sun and staying fit and active all year long. Whether I’m taking a quick shower at the gym after hard core sweat-sesh, or If I manage find a few extra minutes at night to soak my sore muscles in a bubble bath, a rejuvenating zesty zing fills the air when I snap open that bottle, reminding me of warmer days and summer haze. I instantly feel relaxed and refreshed no matter how hectic my day was.

Keeping these cool cleansers on rotation in my shower will help get me through the dead of winter and keep me energized and smelling sensational ’til I can suit up and paddle out again next year.

What are your #scentgoals?

(Checkout our fun mini video above!)
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