Yoga Daze

With a hectic NYC lifestyle, it’s sometimes impossible to switch gears and find time for a workout. I always try to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to focus on something that will help me de-stress, and strengthen both my body and mind. Sometimes just a long walk or simple stretching can help put my attention towards something other than my busy-bee schedule, and helps me change my perspective and create positive energy that helps with all aspects of my life.

Now brands are making fitness gear more functional and fashionable, so on most days when I’m not scheduled for meetings or TV segments, I find myself running around NYC in my yoga clothes—leaving me with zero excuses to skip a workout. I’m a fan of playful prints and bright colors, so this black-and-white graphic combo and reversible bra from H&M Sport make for a chic look on or off the mat. I also love the quick-dry materials which allow me to work up a sweat, but stay comfortable for the rest of my day.

Below are a few of my favorite key yoga poses that I use to create my own flow that can be done anytime, anywhere. And I’ll take an outdoor workout any day— at least until the temps dip to low. This helps me build core and muscle strength on days when I’m not running or doing an intense cardio workout, and I always feel revived and grounded afterwards.

 Key Yoga Poses 

1. Take a few minutes to steady your breathing and turn your focus to your mind and body. 

2. Tree Pose is a great way to start centered and breathe as you strengthen your legs and core. Hold for 5 to 7 breaths. Repeat on other side.

3. Move into Downward Dog by folding over and bending down, pressing your hands and feet to the mat. Bend your knees to protect your back if you can’t straighten your legs. Inhale and look up, then exhale and fold over your legs. Step your legs back, lifting your hips towards the ceiling and making an inverted “V” shape with your body. Steady your pose with strong arms and legs, and hold for about 5 to 7 breaths.

4. Move forward into Plank Position, engaging your core, and hold for 5 to 7 breaths. Then roll over to the left side, stacking your feet onto the outer edge of the left foot, lifting hips to prop your weight entirely on your left hand for Side Plank. Hold 5 to 7 breaths. Extend the right arm up into the air and flip back for Rockstar pose. Hold for 5 to 7 breaths. Repeat this entire sequence on the other side.

5. Return back to Center Plank, then lower halfway down and push up, arching your back with legs stretched out straight and strong behind you, toes pointed and tops of feet on the ground as you move into Upward Facing Dog. Hold 2 breaths and move back into Downward Dog.

6. Warrior I/II is great to strengthen the legs and core muscles. Stand with feet spread wide apart, then turn the right leg and foot out about 90 degrees, and turn the left leg and foot in about 45 degrees. Then turn your chest to the right and square your hips, inhale and raise your arms above your head. Stand strong in the pose for about 5 to 7 breaths, then extend arms out to either side of the body, transitioning into Warrior II. Hold 5 to 7 breaths. Repeat this sequence on the other side

7. Move into Triangle Pose by straightening the front leg from Warrior II and extending your front arm out and down to touch your calf or the ground while raising your opposite arm up overhead and rotating your chest to the sky for an amazing side stretch. Hold 5 to 7 breaths. Repeat this sequence on the other side.

8. Rise up to move into Dancer’s Pose to open the chest and stretch shoulders and biceps while improving your balance. Bend the right knee and grab the inside of the right foot with the palm facing up. Find a focus point and bring your knees to touch. Then with an inhale, lengthen through the spine and all the way through your left fingertips. With an exhale, slowly begin to kick your right foot into your right hand. Your torso will naturally start to lower down while you reach your left hand out in front of you. Keep your hips leveled. Hold for 5 to 7 breaths. Repeat this sequence on the other side.

9. Once I’m warmed up, I love to leave some time to practice arm balances and inversions. Some of my favorites are Forearm Stand and I’m working hard to perfect my Handstand without the help of a tree! But be sure to use a spotter (or a wall or tree) if you’re just starting out.

10. After doing inversions and all that bending, Child’s Pose helps to gently stretch the back, hips, thighs and ankles, and to calm the body back to a more controlled breath. Stay here and rest to decrease your heart rate or move into a final resting pose, Shavasana. Lie on your back flat on the ground for about 3 to 5 minutes to relax your muscles, and rest and reset your body.

And you’re all set! Now go enjoy the rest of your day feeling relaxed and balanced. Have a healthy weekend!
Sports Bra: H&M Sport
Running Tights: H&M Sport
Headband: H&M Sport

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  1. susan at 11:06 am Reply

    Wow! You look fabulous! I love H&M Sport…especially the tights and bra you’re wearing! Outstanding! Have a great weekend. xoo

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