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Run, Sweat, Repeat!


Location: Ocean Grove, NJ 

Run, sweat, repeat is my motto for staying fit and focusing on healthy motivation all year long. Running is one of my go-to ways to burn calories, no matter where my schedule takes me. Whether I’m running in New York City or sweating in the sand, there’s no need for fancy equipment or gym memberships to get my groove on and make it happen.

But to mix up the routine and keep my muscles guessing, I like to add intervals and lunges when I can, along with some core work too. It can be as simple as stopping, dropping and crunching after a few miles, or adding in walking lunges towards the end of my run to cool down. I also find that stretching after a few miles keeps my legs loose and helps to avoid injury.

But just be sure NOT to over stretch before you’re warmed up. Start out with a few minutes of walking and toe touches, then get down to business!

Oh, and cute gear always helps too!

Here’s to a healthy weekend! Get out, and get fit, GIRLS!

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