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Sweat with the Sunrise

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I’m a sucker for beach runs and outdoor workouts, especially when I can work out alongside a pink and orange sunrise as temps start to warm up. I’ll admit, getting up early isn’t always easy for me, especially with my busy NYC lifestyle and project deadlines, but when you accomplish a sweat-sesh outside in the salty air, it’s hard to resist.

I usually like to mix up my workouts and see where my mood takes me each day, so having a range of gear to choose from that works for any fitness adventure is key for me. I like to wear gear with style and functionality so the The Natori Zen sports bra was the perfect addition to my collection. It’s made of a Cool Dry fabric and an Aqua X power mesh center for breathable support, so I can do everything from running to yoga in it without a hitch. I also love how the elastic back and adjustable straps give me a bit more room to move especially for stretching, and it’s a super cool look to wear even after I put in the miles. A pop of color always makes me happy so the bright red color combo paired perfectly with a black and white graphic tight below.

I’ve worn this bra both for workouts and beyond, and it feels like a second skin so I’m not confined or too strapped in, which makes all the difference when it comes to fashion meeting function.

Made in partnership with Natori.

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