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Melanoma Monday


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With the warm weather approaching I am craving a day on the beach full of surfing and sun. So in honor of Melanoma Monday I am talking all about cool new ways to keep your skin protected. Of course – I live for a day in the sun, whether it’s a run on the beach, yoga in the park or a bike ride with my friends. My active lifestyle keeps me always on the go and in the sun which is always a red flag to try to do more to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. (90% of skin cancers are directly related to sun exposure).

As the weather warms up I usually hit the waves and go surfing, spending long summer days in, or near the ocean. And since my love for outdoorsy activities comes with lots of extra sun time, I always make sure that my skin is protected and covered when possible. Besides sunblock, I found a cool colorful new company called Tutublue, a sun protective activewear brand with rash guards, beach suits (long or short) and leggings too with an SPF of 50! They block 99% of sunrays which makes their suits a no brainer for a day on the water.

The women’s short suit is always a go-to when I know I’m going to hop on my board and hit the surf. But you can totally wear these pieces out of the water too. Not only do they block the sun, but they keep you cool for hours too when they’re wet! And can we talk about the fun colorful prints and patterns? So up my alley and matches my floral surfboard perfectly!

And, I have actually had a few questionable moles removed from my body this past year. But I’d like to avoid that happening again, so I discovered Tutublue just at the right time.

To raise awareness and spread the word I encourage you to #shareyourstory and continue to protect your skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection.  It is our first line of defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays.” Next time you are reaching for your sunscreen, toss on a Tutublue beach suit and get ready to “Play, Surf, Swim, Live”!!!

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  1. Vicki at 12:53 pm Reply

    Gorgeous photos…. Great sunscreen tips too! ☀️⛱

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