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This post was sponsored by Carmex® and as usual, all opinions are my own.What a week! I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Wisconsin, (the number one cranberry producer in the US), for a few days with the Carmex crew to celebrate the launch of their SuperCran Lip Butter. Myself and a few fellow bloggers got a BTS tour of their cranberry marshes in Wisconsin – Carmex’s hometown state and where they source the super fruit ingredient of cranberries used in SuperCran. (Fun fact: the new SuperCran Lip Butter is made from the seeds of over 300 Wisconsin cranberries in just one stick!) I’m especially excited that it’s a 100% natural formula packed with antioxidants, concentrated cranberry seed oil, vitamins and omegas to help get major hydration for our lips.

I’ve been hooked since we got to test the product! It’s so soothing and has a berry fruity flavor that I can’t get enough of! It’s totally going to be my new go-to this winter. And it will also be perfect for hydrating my lips on an upcoming Morocco trip this month where there will be lots of excursions in the sun and adventures in the desert!

We kicked off our first day of the retreat bright and early with a fun, up-close and personal experience in the cranberry marshes to learn about how cranberries are grown and harvested. We booted up and were able to hop right into the water and taste the berries straight from the source. I didn’t know this before, but cranberries DON’T grow in water! Instead, they grow on low running vines in sandy bogs and marshes. And since they float, Wisconsin marshes are flooded when the fruit is ready for harvesting. A picking machine then combs through the vines to pick off the fruit. After harvest, the fresh fruit is dried and stored in heavily insulated refrigerated buildings until they’re ready to be shipped! 

Being in the marsh was the coolest! And of course, we took full advantage of the amaze photo opps while there and started snapping pics galore. Of course I JUMPED and splashed to try to get that perfect shot, ha! But the rain quickly rolled in so we packed up the troops and had some free time before getting ready for dins. That evening we had a private cranberry-inspired dinner at Harvest with the Carmex Team. Dins was delish and I was super psyched that the ingredients in our meal were locally grown. So fresh and tasty, and of course we had to taste the cheese curds. I had never had them before and once I took my first bite I couldn’t stop! Yikes! I have a weakness for cheese and french fries and this tasted like an amaze mix of the two… very dangerous!

After a solid night’s sleep, day two kicked off with a powerful yoga sesh on the rooftop of the Graduate Hotel (where we were staying) and some playtime after for yoga tricks and more photos after! To refuel after we had a healthy breakfast where we could choose from avocado toast, fresh juices and smoothies or super-food salads. Perfect way to fuel up and get energized for a busy day ahead.

After freshening up from yoga our next stop was Revel DIY craft studio where we met with influencers from the Midwest and created cool DIY projects of our choice. I chose to decorate a woven basket for my beach house to store blankets and towels in. I added bright colorful tassels made from bunches of yarn to keep it poppy and playful. It turned out super cute and colorful to go with my beachy decor!

We wrapped up our last day with some sightseeing around Wisconsin’s capital and another delish dinner at Lucille. Their specialty is pizza, pizza and more pizza… so we were all happy campers! We ordered a few suggested brick oven faves and shared that with locally sourced salads and veggies. Perfect way to end our trip!

I had such a blast getting to meet the Carmex team getting a carefully curated and exciting three days touring their hometown and learning more about the latest SuperCran Lip Butter! I am always so grateful when I get invited, with a select few in my industry, to travel and do what we love most (testing new products, creating cool content, meeting new faces and experiencing unique adventures). The girls were so friendly and we all clicked perfectly, making new friends for life. A big thank you to Carmex and crew for this awesome opportunity. Stay tuned for more adventures with Carmex on my travels to Morocco later this month!

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