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Is CBD for ME?

I’ve been researching a few CBD brands and products to see what all the hype is about over the last few months, and found a few (that are pure and safe) and have been working for me. Just CBD Coconut Oil and Sugar Free Gummies have been a game changer to help keep my muscles happy when pain sets in!
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As you know, I’m SUPER active and always on the move, from trying new fitness classes to exploring outdoor adventures (especially in the summer). And I tend to get a bit sore when working out new muscles that my bod isn’t used to moving. Plus, summer is surf season, so when I paddle out for a sesh, my entire body is at work and every muscle is engaged and ready to go! It’s an awesome sport, but can definitely take a toll on the bod after a few days of paddling, popping up and getting pummeled on occasion! So it’s great to have a little relaxing relief after a day in the waves to help get a better night’s sleep, without feeling groggy the next day.
happy bed girl cbd gummies sleep beauty blogger nycpretty
And another sore spot for me is menstrual cramps, NO FUN AT ALL! Some women don’t ever experience them, but I DEF do, and sometimes they can be SUPER painful. I’ve been trying out alternative ways to help ease the process each month without grabbing the usual pain killers to mask the pain.
The two products that I’ve been alternating between are the Just CBD Sugar Free Gummies and Coconut Oil, for different kinds of muscle pain and cramping in my bod. The gummies are sugar free (two thumbs up), chewy and soft, and a 10 mg dose per bear is strong enough so that I usually just take one gummy when I feel the onset of cramping. It helps to relax my muscles and ease the tension that I get in my lower back and get me through the first day or two of my period without the discomfort. There are no side affects and it’s made my time of the month so much more bearable!
The Coconut Oil Drops are also a great option, not only for menstrual cramps, but also for sore muscles after one of my long runs or hard core workouts. Since the oil is a little more potent than the gummies so one or two drops under my tounge is usually just right for me. Or, you can add it to food or your fave drinks too! I’ve also been diggin’ using some of their oils as a topical treatment on achy sore spots after sports and on-the-go!
bed girl cbd gummies sleep happy beauty blogger nycpretty
I have to say I was a little skeptical of the whole CBD trend at first, but it’s been proving to be a great way to tackle my body’s discomfort and help RELAX my muscles when I need some relief.
Have you guys tried any CBD products? What are some of your faves!?
And you can use my DISCOUNT CODE: NYCPRETTY for 20% off on their site! Let us know what you think!

JustCBD oils and concentrates are manufactured in their purest form so they are very effective and produced in the USA using nothing but the finest quality ingredients.

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