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My Skinsei Beauty Routine!

Our lifestyle affects our skin health in a big way! From air quality, to stress and making sure we stay active fitting in our daily workouts, there’s so much that contributes to the skincare puzzle! 

I’ve partnered with Skinsei to get a personalized skincare regimen by taking their online diagnostic test. It factors in my go, go, go NYC  lifestyle and environmental elements that affect all my skin concerns! And the best part? Skinsei products won’t upset our skin’s own rhythm and biology since they’re all microbiome friendly, and contain prebiotics and plant extracts, many of which are vegan certified, paraben-free and pH balanced! (And a discount code below!) 

Below are some key factors that affect our skin and are taken into consideration for our tests!

UV EXPOSURE: Whether you’re out and about all day (like me) or just for a quick walk into your commute, it’s super important to use SPF and protect our skin. 

EXERCISE: Regular exercise increases blood flow and helps give us a natural glow that even highlighter can’t mimic! I’m always on the go and workout at least once a day whether it’s running, biking, yoga or a walk, so my activity levels are high!  

CLIMATE + AIR QUALITY: NYC has bright lights and lots of air pollutants that I’m exposed to each day, so Skinsei took that into consideration when creating my personalized product regimen.

DIET: They say, “you are what you eat”, I try to include LOTS of fruits and veggies and LOTS of water in my diet to hydrate my skin! 

SLEEP + STRESS: Skinsei also factors in how stressful our work and home life is and how much rest we are able to get, which directly affects the look and feel of our skin.

So with all that info the products that best suit me are ones for aging skin, and an active outdoorsy lifestyle:

  1. Cleansing Milk: Under the Milky Way No 235:
    This mild cleanser helps to easily remove stubborn oils and makeup and restore my glow!
  2. Rejuvenating Serum: Take Time Off No 942
    Helps to hydrate and target laugh my lines keeping me looking fresh!
  3. Moisturizer: Opening Act No 354
    Love this yummy smelling prebiotic-charged moisturizer to help hydrate and plump my skin for a more radiant glow!
  4. Body wash: Rock the Boat No 489
    After all my workouts I need something to wash off the sweat- without drying out my skin!
  5. Dry sheet mask: Neck Vitamin No 642
    A Perfect no-mess mask to help my skin look healthier and firmer, fast!I’m loving my new specialized routine and want you guys to get your own custom regimen too! Use my Skinsei code Christine20 for 20% off your first subscription box! Let us know what you think! 



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