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Aera’s New Beach House Scent!

As you guys well know, our beach house, especially in the summertime, is my happy place! And these days it’s been the perfect place to social distance and work from home too!

It makes me feel like I’m on vacation mode 24/7 with happy hues, bright daylight, playful prints and surfboards galore! And now more than ever, I’m want to create a space that’s positive, clean and smells AMAZE every day!

I don’t know about you, but my mood is def affected by my surroundings so when I started using my new Aera For Home Smart Diffuser last year it made my beach house even more refreshing! If that’s possible! (SEE DISCOUNT CODE BELOW!)

And now this summer Aera has the beachiest scent of them all! It’s ACTUALLY called “BEACH HOUSE” and it smells just as fresh as it sounds! Like an ocean breeze and bright sunshine! It’s like a summer escape everyday in my home!

Having a diffuser that’s 100% pure fragrance and that I can control  anytime, from anywhere with the AeraForHome app for (iPhone and Android) is a game changer! And for all you guys with kiddos and pets, they’re totally safe for them too!!!

And one more MAJOR BONUS!!!! You guys can USE code NYCPRETTY20 for 20% OFF diffusers now though end of August! Enjoy!!

Happy summer!

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  1. Jeff Bier at 5:42 am Reply

    That smells great love the beach on the TV show sienfled Kramer had that sent an kalvin Glein stoked it how’s every thing since l seen you and John still looking good love Jeff stay safe from the covid God Bless you

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