Don’t forget your VEGGIES!

Facial Wipes: Yes to Cucumbers

OB-SESSED!!! I love, love, love these yummy face wipes. I literally go through a pack a week! Not only do they remove makeup but they’re also my go-to refresher—post workout. Chock-full of soothing, moisturizing, good-for-you ingredients, these babies also have the most addictive scent ever! Every time I use em’ I feel like I just stepped out of a spa! You HAVE to try them! 



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4 comments on “Don’t forget your VEGGIES!

  1. I got a pack of these wipes in my Christmas stocking….. THEY ARE GREAT!!! I love the fresh clean scent and wonderfully soothing feel on my skin!

  2. Appealing! Where can I buy these?

    • Hey PJ!! Click on the link under the picture and you can go to their site…or most drugstores have em’ too! Hope your well! Miss you!!! xoxo

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