Let’s Hula!

LOCATION: On the Streets, NYC
Sports Bras: c/o Champion & Nux, Capri’s: c/o ALO, Sneakers: c/o Puma, Head Band: c/o Sparkly Soul, Sunnies: c/o American Eagle Outfitters

It’s about that time again lovelies!!! Let’s work up a sweat!!! Today I chose hula-hooping as my calorie cruncher and core strengthener! It seriously does work your tummy and keeps back muscles strong! Aaaand it’s so much fun that I hardly feel like I’m working out!

P.S. Did you know that hula-hooping can burn about as many calories per minute as step aerobics, boot camp, or very brisk walking ??? So keep those hips in motion and your belly in check!


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  1. Liz Spidle at 7:48 pm Reply

    Just another talent to be added to your many achievements.

  2. Nicole Indri-G at 1:49 pm Reply

    Weird. The kids were just hula’ing in the kitchen this morning and asked me to do it. At 40 weeks pregnant…not much room for the hula. I’ll take a picture for you guys! It’s hysterical. p.s. i’m being induced on Friday.

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