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Roll With It!

I was asked to participate in the #NotGonnaStop campaign, sponsored by HoMedics®As always, all thoughts and styling are my own.

It’s my favorite season for running in the city with perfect spring temps, longer days and lots of outdoor adventures. But with all the excitement and physical activities that come with a new season, I have to remember to take care of my body, post workout, with the proper stretching and healing techniques as well. That’s where HoMedics®  Sports Recovery Massagers come into play. I recently took part in their #NotGonnaStop campaign to put some of their vibrating massagers to the test. They have so many different options for every part of your body that needs a little extra attention. And I found that even the parts of my body that I thought were running just fine, felt ten times better and more productive after using the different massagers in those areas as well. You can checkout the full selection of recovery massagers at but below are some of my new faves!

The HoMedics® Gladiator Vibration Foam Roller was first on my list to target my tightest muscles in my back, legs and butt area. The different textures and nodules on the roller allow me to get a deeper massage in harder-to-reach places and the vibration feature helps target my most specific problem areas for a quicker bounce-back after a long run. I find that with all the running I do my muscles tend to get tighter and, possibly more prone to injury as I get older, so trying to incorporate a regular routine of massaging and stretching sessions a few times a week really helps keep me up and running— no sweat. It’s also super convenient to stack and store in small places for at-home care instead of spending tons on professional treatments.

Another one of my faves was the HoMedics® Triumph Vibration Pinpoint Massager  for hard-to-reach areas on my back that get overused from lifting at the gym or my fancy forearm tricks that I love to practice. I was so surprised at how good the handheld HoMedics® Triumph™ Vibration Pinpoint Massager felt even after just a few minutes of using it. My sore spots that never get attention on my back were in heaven and it was super easy to hold and maneuver. And theres a rotating head that helps to target multiple areas all at once!

Finally my feet! They can always use a little TLC and my inner arch muscles are always a challenge. I’ve had my share of Plantar Fasciitis pain too, so I try to roll out my arches and foot muscles as often as I can, especially during heavy running seasons. The Hydra Vibration Foot Massager is amazing for just that! And it has a super cool feature where you can fill the tube with hot or cold water to get an added benefit when you need it. I try to roll out my heels and arches a few times a week to prevent tightening and cramping from putting in all those miles. It’s a relaxing and beneficial step that I can add to my workout routine anytime, anywhere.

So if you’re a busy bee like me and always on the go, with workouts and beyond, getting into a healthy post workout care routine could do wonders for your body longterm. And once you get into a rhythm with making time to care for your muscles your bod will thank you!

These and other massagers can be found at and in-store at Rite Aid.

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  1. Neisha Alvarado at 5:32 pm Reply

    after working out I always forget to stretch my muscles or massage them so the can recuperate from the work out fast. Thanks for the review on the HoMedics massagers, I will check them out.

    • nycpretty at 7:43 pm Reply

      yes! I have been guilty too of skipping my stretches but I’m trying to be better and these products make it much more fun and effective!

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