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Boot Camp Benefits

A little Monday motivation with more fit-fun from the Propel Co:Labs fitness festival in LA last month. This workout KICKED. MY. BUTT! And I loved every minute of it! Using new muscles and moves is a great way to kickstart the toning and toughening process—and that’s exactly what went on here! I was pushed to my fitness limits with a fast-paced, yet super fun workout with, Gideon Akande, (AKA Giddy) in his Get Fit With Giddy bootcamp class. From battle ropes and lunges, to crunches and sand balls, we challenged every muscle with cardio, core work, strength training and more. See below for some great tips and tricks from the master behind the class!

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5 Reasons Why Outdoor/Boot Camp/Cross Training Workouts Are Beneficial-Gideon Akande

  1. Variety
    This type of workout provides an opportunity to do something new out of your normal, traditional workout. There’s a lot of equipment to use – battle ropes, sand balls, speed ladders, bands, mats, jump ropes—the list goes on. With boot camps and outdoor workouts, you’re not in your normal gym setting so you can enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and sun with much more running around and a wide variety of exercises to choose from; sometimes its speed and conditioning, or bodyweight and basic strength.
  2. Community
    You’re normally paired with people who you haven’t met before and are forced to interact and have people to support and push you to do and be better. At times, outdoor workouts and boot camp workouts include team elements, so you’re working together, which translates to building relationships outside of your normal exercise experience.
  3. Efficiency
    It is usually a 45 minute to one hour workout, usually with timed workouts. So you have to be efficient and maximize your time.
  4. Competition
    Sometimes you need to have someone next to you to help push forward and challenge you. Outdoor or boot camp workouts usually line you up side-by-side with someone, even though it’s not all competition. Even if you aren’t the competitive type, sometimes there is a fire that burns within you when somebody is lined up next to you and you are both asked to do the same task, which pushes you more than you’d push yourself when you are alone.
  5. Energy
    The energy level and intensity rise in many aspects; from the instructor, the group as a whole, and the exercise selection (slamming weights, running as fast as you can).

    If you haven’t seen all the past workouts from the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival, you can check them out here and here. Let us know what your faves are! Get moving, girls!

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