Skincare for the Season

Everyone wants to look great for the holidays, especially when seeing friends and family, right? But has anyone ever given you a compliment at seasonal gatherings saying “you look great for your age”? I’ve actually witnessed that happening a few times to some of my friends and coworkers, and while the best intentions are probably behind it, it’s hard not to be a little taken aback. Should you feel flattered or insulted? Well, a new RoC® survey found that the majority of women would rather NOT be complimented at all if that’s the case.

So, this holiday season (and beyond), let’s try to remove this from our convos and simply tell each other “we look great”—PERIOD! We can help lift each other up and spread the cheer, far beyond the holidays with a new narrative starting now, with RoC®! Join in by sharing examples of your own “#ForYourAge” moments on social media to remind your friends, followers and readers to be more mindful of their words. In the end, women should be empowered and define their beauty… on their own terms. Right?

To help you feel fab and help give you a flawless look for the holiday festivities, I want to share a brand new product with you, RoC® Retinol Correxion Max Daily Hydration Creme. As you prob know from reading my beauty posts, I often use and test new products from RoC® Skincare. I love to mix in their anti-aging serums and cremes with a few of my other favorite beauty staples. So I was super psyched that this new launch comes just in time to help hydrate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles as winter weather and dry temps creep in. I always look for extra nourishing and moisturizing products this time of year to keep my skin happy and healthy when the harsh elements start to hit full-force. And so far, I’m loving the texture and feel of this creme on my face. I’ve just started using this product, so I’ll def keep you posted on how it’s going, but so far it feels amazing. Stay tuned for more updates on the results, here and on insta, as I continue to incorporate the creme into my regime. And you can shop some of my other RoC® faves below. Perfect skincare for the season!


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