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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

I recently sat down and chatted with the Beauty RX team about my fave ways to refresh my routine for a new season! Whether it’s a new fitness program, rotating my beauty products or cleaning out my closets, it’s the perfect time to restart and refresh. See more of our interview below!

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Beauty RX: What’s your favorite part of the spring season?

I spend a lot of time in Central Park, so even when there’s snow on the ground, the second I see the flowers budding it makes me so excited for the warmer weather. The daylight is everything to me — to know I have two more hours left of it after 5 p.m. is huge.

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Beauty RX: What activities or events do you look forward to the most in this season?

Surf season is coming up, so I do a lot of workouts to get me ready to surf this summer; and I try to get outdoors when I do them. It’s great to get out of the apartment and work out in the park at this time of year. Because I’m in the sun so much, it’s super important for me to be protected, so I throw my favorite Solar Defense with SPF 50 in my bag and make sure I’m covered for all the workouts I do outside.

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Beauty RX: What products are your must-haves for warmer temps?

Skin protection from the sun is huge for me, so I definitely wear lots of hats and sunglasses. I always have my SPF in my bag as well as any facial spray. I love the Facial Hydrating Mist in my Airplane Skin Kit. It’s great because you can just pop it in your bag and it’s an easy way to refresh while you’re out on the go.

Checkout the rest of my interview on the Beauty RX blog!



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