Beauty Sleep w/ Blanquil

Did someone say SNOW?!? No sweat, ’cause my new Blanquil blanket arrived just in time for the cold! Have you guys been hearing about these weighted blankets that help with sleep, stress and anxiety? I just started using mine a few weeks ago and I’ve been getting the BEST night’s sleep EVER! Talk about beauty sleep.(Keep reading on for my discount code below!)

It’s perfect for these chilly temps we’ve been getting in NYC, but it’s not too hot either since it’s made with a breathable fabric. I love using it as an extra layer on my bed, curling up on the couch with a book or watching a movie, and for NAP TIME! And, the fact that you can machine wash it is key for me. Just unzip the outer quilted cover and throw it in the wash—GENIUS! The hubs also loves Blanquil too, so I just might need to snag another before they’re gone!

You guys HAVE to try it! I’m sharing my 20% off code, NYC20, so you can grab ’em while they’re hot. It’s great for holiday gifting too… ENJOY & sweet dreams!


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