Tips for Healthy Skin & A Healthy New Year

I sat down with the team at Beauty RX to give them the scoop on my tips for healthy skin & a healthy new year! Check it out below!

Feeling like the holidays are giving your skin a run for its money? We sat down with someone who’s always on the go (whether it’s the holidays or not!) to get some advice on how to stay healthy this season. Wellness influencer Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty shared her tips and tricks to stay positive, stay active, and keep your glow all while enjoying the transition into a new year. Read on for her best advice for healthy skin and a healthy new year:

How do you stay healthy while still enjoying the holidays?

I try to not panic and get caught up in “watching what you eat” and stress mode during the holidays. Everything in moderation, right? So if I want to have those Christmas cookies or oh-so-tempting cheese, appetizers, and wine, I say…enjoy it! There’s always tomorrow to get back on track.

As for my skin, I think the winter months are the hardest to “get glowing”. Between cold, harsh temps, dry steam heat in my NYC apt, some not-so-healthy food choices, and the stress of the holidays, it can really affect your skin if you don’t watch out! So the one thing I try to keep consistent is staying hydrated as much as possible (both by drinking lots of H2O and also by moisturizing), and sticking to my go-to skincare routine (more on that below!).

And finally, keeping up with my workout routine is another way to keep stress levels down and it always makes me feel happier.

What’s your favorite thing about gearing up for a new year?

A chance for a fresh start! If there’s something you have been looking to change up or improve in your life, this is the perfect time to start! Whether it’s a new routine, new products, or even a new look—whatever goals you have set your sights on, go after them and make this year count.

How do you reset and refresh your skincare routine for the new year?

I try to stick with what is working for me now in my skincare routine while also incorporating some exciting “new and next” products for the new year. I find that if what I’m doing is keeping me looking my best, I like to stick to what’s most effective. My go-to skincare routine is to cleansetoneexfoliate, and hydrate. And then I love adding extra antioxidant serums to combat dry winter air and make my skin look young and fresh.

Read the rest of my tips on the Beauty RX blog, HERE!!


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