Quick Tips to Prep Your Skin for a Winter Beach Getaway

Anyone else dreaming of escaping the winter chill? Yes please! I’m super psyched to be heading south for a mini vacay in a few weeks, so I popped by Dr.Schultz’s office to get some tips and tricks to prep my skin for a warmer climate! Checkout our Q&A below! And read the full article on their BeautyRx blog!

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NYC Pretty’s Quick Tips for Preparing Your Skin for a Winter Beach Getaway

If you’re lucky enough, you might find yourself on a warm and sunny beach getaway that banishes all thoughts of below-freezing temperatures. Well, it turns out that we get to live vicariously through our friend Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty as she prepares for her vacation next month to Marco Island, Florida! We sat down with this wellness influencer and perpetual gal-on-the-go for tips on how to prepare your skin (and your suitcase) for a wintertime beach getaway.

What activities do you look forward to once you hit your destination?

I’m a tomboy at heart and love a physical challenge, so for me, I always look for a destination that includes lots of activities. I also make sure to take some time for simple R&R. Some of my favorite ways to “play on vacay” are stand up paddle boarding, surfing, beach yoga, beach hiking, and sunset running by the ocean.

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In the middle of winter, how do you get your skin ready for swimsuit weather?

Before your trip, get ready to make small tweaks to your skincare routine by planning ahead and packing what you need. When traveling to a warmer climate, you may need to switch to a lighter weight moisturizer to avoid clogging your pores.

Be sure to apply extra sunblock after swimming and sweating, especially if you have pale winter skin that hasn’t seen too much sun lately. You may also need to exfoliate and cleanse more due to sweating and multiple sunscreen applications.

Interestingly, Dr. Schultz said it’s actually more important to prep your skin for your return from warmer weather to colder weather! So, during your stay in warmer climates, you can increase exfoliation. And when you’re back in the cold winter weather, use exfoliating pads only once a week.

Which skincare items are at the top of your packing list?

I always bring my BeautyRx Airplane Skin Kit with me when I travel, especially on planes! It helps keep my skin hydrated and nourished while I head to my destination. It includes a hydrating mist, exfoliating pads, and a nourishing cream to keep me looking my best, even when the dry airplane air isn’t helping!

These are my other “musts”: hat and sunglasses, sunblock, my Triple Vitamin C Serum, my Ultra Hydrating Eye Repair Cream, a travel hair mask to help hydrate my locks, and coconut oil. It helps remove makeup and also doubles as an allover skin conditioner after showering.

Checkout the full Q&A on the BeautyRx Blog!



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